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Descriptive Writing Essays - Example

A thunderstorm is a grand sight. In our country, thunderstorms are very common at the beginning and at the end of the monsoon. We had a grand thunderstorm yesterday.

We had had hot blasts of wind for many days. Everyday, the blazing sun used to rise in the sky, and the earth burned like a furnace. At last we saw some dark clouds that were forming in the sky. The air was very not moving. Everything was so calm. But, it was a calm before the storm. It was a signal that the storm was going to burst.

The storm came at last. The dark clouds overcast the sky. The thunder rolled and the flashes of lightning appeared in the heavens. Then a cool wind started blowing. It smelt of rain. Slowly, the thunder roll became louder and the flashes of lightning became brighter. The clouds started racing swiftly across the sky; the sharp raindrops began to fall; the storm had come. Now the storm was furious. The lightning flashed continuously in the sky. There thunder crashed tremendously. The rain poured down heavily. The trees were violently rocked to and fro by the strong wind. The storm roared for an hour. Nothing could be heard except the loud rain pour and the louder boom of the wind. The thunder crashed and rolled, the lightning was flashing, the heavy rain poured down, and the furious storm blew.

After an hour, the wind slowed down to a gentle breeze; the lightning flashes became less frequent; the thunder disappeared; the heavy rain changed to a drizzle. The storm had ended. But it left its marks behind. The electric poles were twisted; the trees were uprooted; the windowpanes were broken; the roofs of the mud-houses were blown away; the cottages were swept away and puddles and pools were filled with rushing water.

But it did a lot of good. The air became clean and cool; the earth became soft and wet; and the atmosphere became pure.

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