آموزش زبان انگلیسی

آموزش زبان انگلیسی , رایگان و تخصصی : آیلتس,تافل , توانایی صحبت کردن با لهجه های آمریکایی ,انگلیسی,مبتدی تاپیشرفته


Love is like
“missed call”
it stops when u try to catch,
But friendship is like
bcoz it comes & stays inside ur inbox until u delete it.

Some things are left undone, some words are left unsaid, some feelings are left unexpressed, but someone as sweet as you could never be left unmissed.

In my life I learned how 2 love, 2 smile, 2 B happy, 2 B strong,
2 work hard, 2 B honest, 2 B faithful, 2 forgive. But I couldn't learn how 2 forget U...


If you do not know where you are going, every road will get you nowhere.

A simple BYE make us cry, A simple JOKE make us laugh, simple CARE make us fall in love. I hope my simple SMS make you think of me. I miss you.

God gave u 2 legs to walk, 2 hands to hold, 2 ears to hear, 2 eyes to see. But why did he give u only 1 Heart?
Probably bcoz he wants u to look for the other.

Sometimes I forget 2 say hi, sometimes I forget 2 reply, sometimes my msg doesn’t reach u, but it doesn't mean I forget u. I'm just giving u time to Miss me.

Knowing a person like u, has made me happy in a million ways and if ever I have to let u go... I would find a million reasons to make u stay. I miss you.

If at any time ur life is like a “candle in the wind” then i’ll put my hands around u so that all burns are mine and all light is urs. !

Birth is like a DOT,
Life is like a LINE,
Love is like a TRIANGAL..
but Frndship is like a CIRCLE,
bcz CIRCLE don't have an END..

STARS u dont see them all the time

People say friends are made in heaven and they come in your life.
But I made a friend like you in this world and made my life a heaven.

Without ur SMS days are like: Moanday, Tearsday, Wasteday,
Thirstday, Frightday, Shattereday & Sadday. So send me SMS everyday.

Life is like a piano... white keys represent happiness, black keys
for sorrow but only when you go through the white & black keys u hear

[ دوشنبه 2 آبان‌ماه سال 1390 ] [ 15:37 ] [ آرش ]

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